High Season Rates

Includes Easter, Festivities of the Virgin of the months April to December, during July, August, September, October and long weekends. Regarding the latter shall comply calendar 2015[b]GROUP:[/b] 380 pesos with breakfast included, per passenger -base doubly. In case you need single, 595 pesos will be charged. Passengers released (2) (without exception).Price valid until 30 June 2015. Minimum of passengers: 40[b]FOR INDIVIDUALS:[/b] You will be granted to the agency a commission on the list price equal to 15% discount. If wholesale company will be a commission of 15%. These discounts on list prices set forth below. Payment: the cash it will always be counted.  It will be paid through a deposit, request data using the Contact form[b]RESERVATIONS:[/b] in the case of the high season they shall be 60 days in advance. If it comes to bookings for individual rooms can be booked 30 days in advance minimum. It must pay 100% of accommodation.In the first case the time of booking 50% 30 days before the balance Only in this way will be confirmed reservation.

Low Season Rates

It includes all seasons not recorded as high season.[b]GROUP:[/b] 340 pesos per passenger, including breakfast, per day - double occupancy - In the case of requesting single rooms, the price is 595 pesos - Passengers released (2). Sign 50% of the total amount of the booking made[b]For individuals:[/b] in this case the commission will travel 20% of the list price. No sign. The only condition is that you must send credit card number, security code and expiration date passenger to stay. Price valid until June 30, 2015.[b]RESERVATIONS:[/b] The reservations in the case of the off-season can be made ​​up to 15 days in advance, we suggest do it for safety as soon as possible. For reservations of single rooms they will not be prompted for the password, but will render the same if we is confirmed within three days of arrival. The confirmation should be made via e-mail without exception.